Keyboard shortcuts for Automation points value...

Hello, colleagues!
Does anyone know how in Nuendo 8 to assign a keyboard command to increase / decrease the values of the automation points (e.g. volume, pan, EQ, etc.) In earlier versions of Nuendo this was done with the Logical Editor presets, but now it only works with MIDI events. In the manual I found nothing (. Move left / right automation points by pressing the keys I can easily. But I can’t find how to move the points up/down. Enter the values in the information bar with the mouse-is to do unnecessary movements, which slows down the work. I would appreciate your advice!
Sorry for my English ))

There are two workarounds that I know of:

There’s a new key command, ‘Edit Info Line.’ With an automation point selected invoke that command, then hit tab. Now, the value field is selected and you can use shift-up and -down to make adjustments in whole numbers.

It can be done with the Project Logical Editor.

To lower the value
Create a preset thus:
Filter: media type=automation, and is selected
Action: Trim: multiply by .9999 (or some value you can live with)

To raise the value
Create a preset thus:
Filter: media type=automation, and is selected
Action: Trim: multiply by 1.0001

With these presets assigned to keystrokes you can nudge automation points up and down. Kind of a decent workaround…

Thanks steve, I did not know that.
Is there a way to have the trim in the Project Logical Editor do dBs rather than numbers relative to the value of the automation events?

Thank you, Steve! , This is a real help! For some reason I did not find the PROJECT logical editor ( in EDIT menu), and saw only the logical editor in the MIDI menu (( Of course, it’s easy to do - as before!
Thank you again for your help!

You’re welcome, guys. The PLE offers only multiply and divide actions for trim, so as far as absolute values goes, I don’t see a way except for using the keyboard or mouse.

Hi Steve!

I’ve tried these presets but they adjust all automation nodes in project. Dunno what I did wrong… I’d like one to adjust just selected nodes. Can you tell me how to do that?

Have you ruled out an error in your PLE preset?

Hi Steve, also trying to get this to work but no to no avail atm.

In PLE I have the following (- I have also provided screenshot attachment.

( = (
Filter Target = Media Type Is
Condition = Equal
Parameter 1 - Automation
Parameter 2 = nothing
Bar Range = nothing
( = (
bool = nothing

Action target = Trim
Operation = Multiply By
Parameter 1 = 0.9999
Parameter 2 = nothing

Hit apply
Saved as ‘Lower Automation Node’

In key command settings assigned ‘SHIFT’ + ‘CMD’ + ‘PAGE DOWN’

But nothing is happening when automation node is selected. Any thoughts?

The PLE preset in your image would change all automation, and it does work here in Cubase 11. If you are actually on Nuendo 8, (we’re talking in that forum) I don’t have that to check with.

Create one like this:

Be sure to test it using the Apply button before adding a keystroke.