Keyboard shortcuts for going up/down between staves

I was trying to set keyboard shortcuts for “Selection and Navigation | Navigate Down Next Stave” and “Selection and Navigation | Navigate Up Next Stave.”

However, I found out that what they do are actually the same as “Note Input | Move Down to Bottom of System” and “Note Input | Move Up to Top of System.”

The difference is only the context, the “Note Input” shortcuts work only during note input (obviously :} ).

It’s my impression that “navigate down/up next stave” isn’t the same as “move down/up to bottom/top of system.” And I was hoping that the shortcuts will save some time moving between staves without going through each note within a chord (the way “Selection and Navigation| Navigate Down” and “Selection and Navigation| Navigate Up” work).

So, is this a bug or a feature?

While we’re talking about shortcuts, I’d like to also point out a clear oversight regarding the rightmost main menu item (Script) which keyboard shortcut (Alt-P) overrides the default key for “Play | Move Playhead to Selection.”

(Dorico Pro, Windows)