Keyboard shortcuts for saving presets of vst instruments or anything

Since the appearance of MediaBay, I have not used it only because I am waiting for hotkeys to save presets of vst instruments. Am I the only one on this planet who needs presets of vst instruments???
I have been working at Cubase for 20 years. Every year I update in the hope that manufacturers will add all the functions to the hotkey menu. But every time they disappoint me! When you finally realize that speed is important for professional work, not your experiments with the interface. Just add all the functions to the keyboard shortcuts menu and I don’t give a ■■■■ about your interface, I don’t look at it.
Probably, instead of updating to Cubase 12, it is more reasonable to buy a Reaper. Everything has already been provided for in it.

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yeah, honestly, mediabay sucks ass. I have an unhealthy amount of ugly autohotkey scripts that work around it by doing the mouse-clicking for me, but it’s terrible, and they immediatly break if display resolution/scaling change.
Also the fact that you can’t tag anything with multiple attributes, only workaround is for every single possible attribute having its own yes/no type of column, it’s at this point just ridiculous.

It seems to me that the developers are deliberately mocking us. They added the input filter control to the quick control, but did not add it to the general remote control. And they have been doing this for 20 years that I pay them money. Why is it impossible to solve all these problems once and add all the functions that are in the interface??? If this doesn’t happen in Cubase 12 pro, it will be the last version I bought. I’ve already installed myself a Reaper, I fucking like it. Andi Vax switched to Reaper a long time ago, it’s time for us!

Just to clarify:

I think you are saying auto hot key should not be required, and when referencing “keyboard shortcuts” you mean Cubase Key Commands? If so, I agree.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but what you really are asking for is a Cubase Key Command for a direct, simple, method of opening a preset for any focused VST or VSTI?

Currently you have to click on the Preset Management Button at the top of the VST or VSTI, then load preset. At that point, you enter MediaBay Land where things are totally dependent on Media Bay? You want to avoid MediaBay when opening a preset without whatever 3rd-party preset method is used?

A Cubase Key Command won’t get you far because it only substitutes for the click on the Preset Management button. You then still have to click through sub-folders in Media Bay.

My issue is that MediaBay has become unreasonably complex. The 3rd party market is responding. Developers like XO, ADSR Sample Manager, and more recently Waves Cosmos demonstrate there is an area that Steinberg thought they nailed with the original Media Bay, but today something has gone wrong.

The fact that the general Media Bay behavior changed (around C9 iirc) for the worse where Media Bay does a re-scan every time you open Cubase has created some horrible issues. There are times when you do not want a re-scan for certain folders, and that with the auto-scan has been removed. If you un-check a box in the User Folders, once the auto-scan is complete, that box will be checked again.

If I misunderstood, please clarify.

Because it’s sometimes not easy or simple to fix. Often it’s code built upon older code built upon… Just a little on/off switch, or simple GUI change can be very involved costing a lot of resources. And sometimes when the change happens, it creates additional issues.

No Steinberg is not deliberately enjoying 3-hour martini lunches mocking lowly peons creating work-arounds and LE presets. If the Reaper paradigm fits for you…use it, and get on creating. My guess is none of this will happen in C12 updates.

It’s all about limited resources, and getting the most return based on your investment.

To make full use of the stillborn MediaBay, I want to quickly save the settings of a VST tool or whatever in MediaBay. Without using the mouse, just like I save a project for example with a new name. CTRL+SHIFT+S — New Name — ENTER.
I don’t understand why developers are slowing down the development of a tool that would attract a huge number of LogicPro users, where working with presets is done on an intuitive level and that’s why musicians like it so much.

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I completely disagree. What’s the point in attracting new users if you spit in the face of the old ones and they leave you? Adding a function to the hotkey database can even be done by a child. This is much easier than developing a new plugin with a new interface or implementing the ARA protocol. I’m telling you this as a programmer.

That’s what I’m talking about. For Steinberg, return on investment is more important than user experience.