Keyboard shortcuts for UI controls?

Is there a set of rules for using the keyboard to work through interface controls? The Qt dialogs seem to behave differently from ‘native’ UI elements (on Mac, anyway).

For instance, sometimes seems to change the value of the currently selected control, rather than always executing the ‘OK’ button (which it sometimes does).

I’ve just imported 11 XML files, and I’m working through the dialogs for each one (I want to Merge the players each time). I can’t find a way to just hit and .

The toggle buttons, e.g. the ones for choosing between whether to add players or merge with existing ones, are particularly troublesome when it comes to keyboard access. In theory you should be able to tab to the one that isn’t currently depressed and hit Space to activate it, but in practice that doesn’t usually happen. I imagine there is more we could be doing to sort this out, but it’s not something we have yet given any specific priority to.

No worries, Daniel. Just checking that I wasn’t missing out.
I’d much rather have more important functionality!