Keyboard shortcuts montage effects

Hi all,

In previous versions of WL I made quite some use of keyboard shortcuts within the master section.
I really like the montage effects of WL10 and I would like to use those same shortcuts here. Am I overlooking something or are there no effects shortcuts here?

I mean shortcuts like load a specific plug-in chain, delete a plug-in from selected slot, bypass all effects, plug-in visibility etc.

Tnx in advance

In the new Inspector, there are currently less shortcuts than with the Master Section.
Please try the seach function. For example here to locate the “Load Plug-in Chain” function.

Hi Phillipe,

Thanks, I’ll look into that.
Is there possibly a way to toggle visibility of the plug-in window of the inspector? I find that very convenient in the master section.

Grtz, Renzo

Do you mean the plug-in windows referenced by the inspector, or the inspector window itself?

Being able to goggle the plug-in window of the selected clip/track/output plugin chain widow would be very handy.

Hi Philippe,

Well, in the master section I can toggle visibility of individual selected plug-in slots.
In the inspector all plug-ins used (for instance on a clip) are put in one window. That’s great. It would be even greater to be able to toggle the visibility of that plug-in window.