Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference?

Look, I’ve been using WL for 16 years. But I now go weeks between sessions with it. Which means I now forget that ‘Follow’ in Cubase is ‘Scroll’ in WL (and Adobe Premiere).

So I’m wondering if there isn’t a ‘one-sheet’ quick reference of key commands like several people have put together for Cubase? I’m getting sick of these ‘senior moments’ for basic stuff.



In the Shortcut dialog, at the bottom of the page, there is a “Summary” button. Try it.

Here are the default shortcuts for Mac:

Here are the default shortcuts for PC:

If you have made some custom shortcuts, go to the shortcuts area as PG mentioned and export a PDF of your actual shortcuts.

Thank you, Justin. PG… as always. Helpful.

I dunno if it’s age or what, but I’m just overwhelmed with key commands to memorise.

If there was -one- feature I wish WL had (well, besides a few more of Izotopes noise removal features) it would be something akin to the ‘Command’ window in Adobe apps… where basically you can drop in a list of your fave commands and just reach for it whenever you want to see the shortcut to the 10-20 things you use most.


You might like this:

I was going to suggest this too. It’s great for other apps besides WaveLab too. It’s perfect for those lesser used shortcuts that you don’t have memorized or in muscle memory.

In WaveLab, I have made a few combined shortcuts too. If there are 2 or 3 things you always do right in a row, you can program them to all be done with the press of one Stream Deck button. Highly recommended.

I’ve been seeing more and more guys using Stream Deck for notation. I probably need to look into this.


For mac users, sorry suntower, there is an app called KeyCue by ergonis software. A user defined hotkey will display all shortcuts in an active app. The best part is that there is a search window at the bottom which will highlight whatever term you enter, in the categorized list.

Because of Steinberg’s way of implementing them, it doesn’t work off the bat with Wavelab or Cubase, but the developer kindly worked on it over the summer and created custom sets for both (WL9.5 Pro & C9.5) based on defaults (you can modify these to taste).

It looks like he hasn’t posted them on the site with other custom sets, perhaps because there are so many shortcuts it scales the font quite small. I still find it readable (depending on the theme you choose).

If anyone is interested I’m sure he will provide them on request.