Keyboard shortcuts

I’m trying to create a few keyboard shortcuts for velocity and note length.
1- Fixed Velocity for all selected notes at various numbers 30,50,60…127 - separate shortcut for each value.
2 -Velocity patterns to use with drums programming.
Again separate shortcut for various task…hi-hats…kick,snare.
Note Length:
Shortcut for various fixed note length - 1/16…,1/16t…,1/32 and so on.

Now I been playing with locig editor and macros …I’m a noob with both of them.
I didn’t succeed with macros at all.
I did have nice results with logic editor…atlist with velocity setting but I can’t convert it to keyboard shortcuts.

My question is it possible to do what I want with cubase at all?
Do I need separate script program to do that?

I’m planning to buy qwerty type empty keyboards for this application and if it possible with midi osc touch programs it will be even better.
I hope that my explanation was clear and thank you all in advance for the help

Any Idea ,someone please?

I would start out by reading the Logical Editor section in the manual.

Also note, Logical Editor presets are available in the Key Commands dialog. )

if you create a groove quantize out of an existing midi part, it saves with it the velocity shape, which then, if you set velocity quantize to 100 percent on the quantize panel, is mirrored on another midi part upon [q] uantizing. I am afraid this bit you must do manually, not enough macro-able relevant commands. maybe if you manually programmed in the target velocities into a LE script?

Thank you very much.
I will try the groove quantize.
I’m reading the manual…weekends are good for this :slight_smile:,didn’t knew that LE presets exist in Key command.