keyboard sound faint


I suddenly got a weird issue.
I am using cubase 9.5 for some time now, no problems.
but today something weird happened and I’m unable to fix it :frowning:
I select on my synth eg. piano and hear it clearly when touching the keys
see the midi meter go up in cubase
also audio output in cubase same time
all perfect.
then I move the timeline/cursor pos (to some where else) I am not playing or recording
just click somewhere on the timeline
and the sound is very low / faint
have to select same sound again on synth and I hear piano again (normally)
Anyone has an idea?


I would expect, there is CC7 or CC11 sent while changing the position of the cursor. Make sure, the is no MIDI Part, which include any of these CCs, or automation Node is not created.