Keyboard Spacing: Decreasing the space between R and L hands throughout

Is there a way to decrease the space between the Left and Right hand staves globally?

(I know about the Layout Options “Braced staff to braced staff” setting but that doesn’t seem to decrease the vertical space throughout when there is actual music, dynamics, etc. on the staves.)

I’m trying to eek out space to fit a keyboard/vocal for an entire musical in as few pages as possible, and I’m seeing quite a bit of vertical space in the keyboard part. Also, if this is part of the issue: I don’t feel like the dynamics have to be vertically centered between the staves.

My first suggestion would be to set a smaller value for the distance between braced staves in Layout Options; you should set the smallest value you would be willing to accept. Dorico won’t justify this gap, so it won’t stretch it to fill up the page in the way that it will the gaps between other instruments in the system, but you should still set it to the smallest value you want to see, and Dorico will then force the staves further apart where necessary.

Thanks for that. However, even if I change that setting to “1”, and turn vertical justification off, the distance between the L and R hands in the sample I uploaded doesn’t change. It’s like there a setting that I want called: “How much do you want to cram the keyboard part”
A) expand it!
B) a little
C) a lot
D) like an old Schirmer score

Portlandman, that seems odd to me… I have scores where the keyboard part is more condensed than that.

I would be curious to see if anyone can get a keyboard part to be condensed more when there are notes or dynamics between the staves (using global settings).

Dorico will take the height of the dynamics into account when it’s spacing the piano staves, so naturally the presence of dynamics between the staves will cause them to be spaced further apart, but not by any more than the height of the dynamic plus a small additional amount of padding above and below the dynamic.

Yes, frequently. Maybe upload the project so we can take a look at your vertical spacing settings.

Yes - I appreciate how it does that. It just seems that there is no way to tighten up the vertical space in a keyboard part throughout. I’d like the entire score to have less vertical space in the keyboard part, which would save pages, but I can’t find a way to do that globally.

Hi !
Have you tried and changed this first value ? Or unticking the box above ?

Marc - YES, that does it. Thanks for the tip. (Why didn’t I try that in the first place?)

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