Keyboard zones with Roland A-88 MKII


I’m on Mac and using a Roland midi keyboard that allows for up to 3 separate playing zones.

Just wondering if it is possible to set it up with Cubase so that different regions of the midi keyboard can control different instrument tracks in Cubase and if so, how?

Sure it’s possible. Go to whichever track you want to assign a midi channel (the one you previously assigned to your zone at the a88) and select the midi channel:

Hi, thanks for that.

Unfortunately, I could not get the desired effect. I’m pretty sure I have set up the zones correctly on the midi keyboard. However, with my two separate instrument tracks in Cubase, I find that both instruments tracks respond to the entire range of the midi keyboard instead of each responding to a separate zone. I suspect I have an incorrect setting in the Cubase side of this equation but I’m really not sure.

I saw in an earlier post that someone had had some success using Input Transformer but I haven’t been able to replicate this success.

Selecting a MIDI channel in the inspector doesn’t help because a MIDI/Instrument track always receives on all channels and sends on the channel selected.
You have to use the Input Transformer, it already has presets to filter MIDI channels.
If you have set up your Roland to send on channel 1 resp. 2: (1) Activate the input transformer on track 1 and choose ‘local’. (2) In the transformer window, choose the preset ‘Channel Filtering’ → ‘Pass CH 01’. (3) Activate the module. (4) Do the same on track 2, choosing ‘Pass CH 02’ in step 2.

That works. Thank you so much!

How were you able to come across this information? I didn’t find the Cubase Operation manual entry on the Input Transformer very helpful but that being said, there are many gaps in my knowledge which I need to address.

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This is the most confusing and my least favorite aspect of Cubase. I get it now, but this is such a simple and basic function and this problem comes up over and over. Beginners and experienced users coming from other DAWs always get tripped up on this. It’s highly non-intuitive. I get that it makes for more powerful and flexible routing, but I think it could be implemented better.

You can split keyboard with midi modifiers for each track



Thanks for suggesting this alternative approach. It also works well and has the advantage of not relying on the limitations of the midi keyboard.

My midi keyboard allows up to 3 zones which can be saved and recalled with the press of a button, so when I only need 2 or 3 playing zones, then using the Input Transformer approach does make the workflow faster.

However, I can also see there will be times when the MIDI Modifier approach will be the way to go.

Thanks everyone for your help and feedback. It’s very much appreciated!