keybord shortcuts greyed out

open the shorcut manager the functions are as follows:
Play=(num) Enter
Stop=(num) 0
these assignments are greyed out and can NOT be changed.
why in “Steini’s” name would one choose to block 2 of the most important shortcuts from being freely assignable?
one can change all kinds of shortcuts but not these.
i boggles my mind.
any insights?

Because these shortcuts necessitate special handling, internally, and are also very standard.

spacebar also works for play and stop…

very enigmatic explanation…
i guess another W7 “quirk” to keep up with. other software (Cubase, W6 etc. etc. ) don’t have these “special handling needs” that are “very standard” at the same time. is that a contradiction that i sense there?

sorry but i have grown a bit cynical with W7…

I second this request. I love my Happy Hacking keyboard, and I really don’t want to replace it just for this program. It does not have a number pad, and F8 can only be accessed using the function key. I’d like to change the Play shortcut to a button close to where my left hand rests.

Spacebar is not the equivalent here. Spacebar alternates between starting and stopping play. If you, for example, move the cursor with your mouse, you have to hit Spacebar twice to play, whereas you only have to hit F8 or Numberpad Enter once. It is extremely cumbersome to hold down Function and 8 every time I want to use the Start Play command.

There is also no option to add a second shortcut while preserving the first. I don’t mind Enter being the default if it affects system dynamics, as long as I can add an additional shortcut.

Same goes for Insert as Add Marker. I’d like to change it to M. But “Add Marker” is not only not greyed out on the Keyboard Shortcuts screen; it’s nonexistent.