Keycommand Open insert?


I have curve eq inserted in the control room insert slot. I´d like to have a keycommand for calling it up. Now it takes too many clicks to first go to setup tab and then open the insert.

I could also but it in the master bus, but i already have AB plugin and limiter in the last 7-8 slots.

Is this possible?

AFAIK there’s no way of doing this.

Ok. Well that´s a bummer.I Spend rather long time in the keycommands and found nothing.

When I want to access my spectrum analysis plugins in Control Room, I use a Workspace that is set up with the relevant plugins opened. Works nicely and is assignable to a key command. The downside for you may be that this will close various other windows/plugins etc. that you might have open.

Going to try that one. Thanks.

The “generic remote” can do this. you need some kind of midi controller or keyboard . Can also be done cheap using touchosc on android or ios as a midicontroller via wifi (on your phone?..)

And to open and close the floating controlroom (already set to the righ tab) via keycommand; devices>controlroom
It can be set seperately from the one in the mixer.

In Reaper you have actions that can open plugins 1-8 in a chain. It is very useful.
I agree with others, for my instance of ‘supervision’ in the control room inserts, I have set up a workspace.
I have another workspace with spectrum analysers on my drum, synth and vocal busses spread across the screen.

Is there a way of opening the floating channel strip? That is probably a good way of getting quick access to the plugins on a channel