Keycommands didn't migrate... [SOLVED]

Hi all,

I just upgraded, but my key commands didn’t make it into D3, any ideas?


Try restarting Dorico 3.

FWIW, mine seemed to migrate fine.

There are various program preferences that don’t seem to migrate until after you’ve run the program and closed it once.

Thx guys, but that didn’t work, unfortunately… Any other ideas?


Dorico 2 keycommands are stored in a file called keycommands_xx.json (where xx is the language code), within %appdata%\Steinberg\Dorico 2

While Dorico is closed, go into this folder, grab that file and copy and paste it to the corresponding Dorico 3 folder (which I’m sure you can work out).

Thx Leo!

I tried copying from another location before, but that file didn’t work, this worked!
Although it was called “xkeycommands_en.json”…


That looks like you’ve added an x to disable that file from working. Tread carefully…

Hihi, maybe I actually did, and now it’s picking up the correct json from somewhere?
Anyways, it works… fingers crossed…


By the way, just in case someone has the same problem, I didn’t get my key commands too. The problem was that I had configured my keyboard layout in Spanish in D2, and I had to reconfigure the layout in Spanish in D3. Voilà, the shortcuts were back.