Keycommands dissapeared C6 - fantastic!

today i started my funny experience with cubase. again. in the morning keycommands work, in the afternoon they decided not to work anymore. more than half of them. i lost copy, paste, undo and many more. i try resseting to defaults, nothing. i try restarting, nothing. understood? when i press ctrl+C nothing happens. if i select it from the menu it works. steinberg can you tell me how to fix a problem?

Try trashing Prefs. Look to my sig for how-to.

thanx for the solution, trashing prefs works. i also manually returned my old keycommands and they work. what i can not understand is why if i work on the same software, same project, do not install nothing, change nothing things change by themselves? not useful feature, waste of precious time.

With Cubase, Prefs seem to get corrupted for some reason or another. Just the way it is. Thing to do is back up the Prefs files when you have it the way you want so you can get back up quicker.

So, mashedmitten, are you saying that the stock keyboard commands are always stable, it’s when we create our own that things can go wrong?

And are you saying that, if you create your own personal presets, that when they are first setup and working correctly, copy and save this somewhere and reinstall a copy of them in the Pref folder? That this will spare you the re-entry time?

I ask because I just use the stock keyboard commands and things seem to be OK.

exactly what i did - backuped up working preferences and all okay.