Keycommands problem with sepecific keyboard

I’m looking for explanations not to solve the problem but to understand how Dorico works with Keycommands
For information: in Dorico I have as Language: English (to have the same terms as everyone) and as Keyboard language: French. I live in Switzerland so my keyboard a swiss french qwertzu but Dorico don’t have this choise in preferences.
Here is an example of a problem: Create tuplets (work fine with this):
But with the shortcut “!” it doesn’t work
Difference between french keyboard:
Swiss French:
swiss keyb
If I press on my keyboard the swissfrench key “!” (with shift) it doesn’t work
My next step has been to programm a keycommands:

But doesn’t work !
As it has already happened to me that shortcuts do not work, I would just like to understand how Dorico is programmed.
Sometimes I write in the keycommands_fr.json file but here again it seems me that’s it’s not exact science because sometimes it works when written in the file
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico5\keycommands_fr.json
And sometimes in this one:
C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 5\keycommands_fr.json

So two files with same name :
does it work as in worpress with style.css read the original if the ead first the style.css original and then in child theme is absent or no informations?
Once again I don’t want a solution specific to create tuplets (I know how to do that) but I want to understand once and for all how it works with keycommands and why sometimes in wrrithnd shortcut in Dorico himself : preferences/ key commands … it doesn’t work

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico5\keycommands_fr.json
is the Steinberg default version of the KeyCommands file. Were you to erase the file in your user folder or click on a button to Restoe Factory Defaults, this is the file DOrico would access to do so.

It’s best not to mess with this file.

C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 5\keycommands_fr.json is the same file but customized with your preferences (usually by using options within Dorico, but can also–very carefully, I expect–be altered with a text editor). This allows computers with multiple users each to set different preferences within their distinct user files.

I hope this helps and that anyone with corrections or refinements to what I said will chip in.

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Thank you for these additions and always delighted to read your clear, complete and precise answers!
Regarding the modification of json files, I know the programming languages well enough not to make mistakes.
But to be sure I parsed the json files and the result are ok and validfor both:

I’m still going to leave this inexplicable thing:

  1. If I create a keyvommands in Dorico for Create Tuplet : Dorico write in the json:
    “NoteInput.StartTupletRun” : [ “Shift+¨” ]
    But it doen’st work
  2. If I create (after deleted the shortcut in the step before) for something else it create in the json file:
    “NoteInput.ShowPopoverForTransposingOrAddingNotes” : [ “Shift+¨” ]
    Result: it works
    Once again: one more failure is not going to affect me
    Best regards

Hi !
I have a real French keyboard, as I am French (well, half French), and I have been dealing with the French version of Notation Express until it’s been updated with Dorico’s API (great update by the way), so I have had my load of problems with keyboard shortcuts :person_shrugging::sweat_smile:
One thing that strikes me here is that the tuplet popover shortcut is not! and has never been. On a French keyboard, it’s the same key as 8 (without shift), oh… But you’re on PC. I’m afraid I cannot help you then. On my Mac, the popover for tuplets is / and is exactly where the ! is on your French PC keyboard layout. Sorry for not being more helpful.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for your time and answer
I am a little surprised by what you say as you are fluent in many languages I think you have the Dorico interface in English.
I opened the original keycommands_fr.json and I got this:

In windows I can switch to several keyboard
So if I switch to your french keyb thekey of pictures in my first post works but not with swiss french
very strange because in both keyb as it’s universal : ! = ALT+33
And with these code (ALT+33) with swiss french or french Keyborad it works
Not a big problem but I’ve already had this kind of problem with other combinations and nota poblem to use ALT+33 instead of other shortcut :
With Adobe Premiere there are also a lot of this kind of problem and I know a lot of these codes in memory now .
best regards

Sorry, I made a mistake, I should have answered with my computer. The tuplets popover on my mac French keyboard layout has always been = (which is the key to the left of the right-sided SHIFT key) and not / as I wrote earlier. But what really matters is what’s in the keycommands json file, and you show clearly that yours is !
You’re right, my Dorico interface is in English (I got used to it during my first years with Dorico) but I don’t think that should matter at all here.

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