Keylok and Activation code

Hello. Since now i have been using Dorico with my keylok. But i’m wondering what is going to happen when i accidently for example lose it? If i dont but keylok in, the program asks me activation code. How do get one?

Steinberg has a Zero Downtime policy. See Steinberg Zero Downtime | Steinberg

You do need to ensure your license is registered at MySteinberg

Hello. I don’t understand still how to use Dorico without keylok.
I tried My Steinberg- Register Licence - i got access code but dorico says that i have already used the access code.

If you’ve put your Dorico license onto your USB-eLicenser, then you cannot run Dorico without connecting the USB-eLicenser to your computer. The USB-eLicenser contains your license, and without the USB-eLicenser connected to your computer, Dorico is not licensed, and cannot run.

I did have a choice when i installed it? I don’t remember that…