Keyman keyboard input bug


I’ve noticed a strange behavior when using Keyman as an input source. Keyman is one of the few maintained utilities for inputting the Internation Phonetic Alphabet on MacOS.

I’m not sure about the exact back-end mechanics, but characters are inputted by combining a character with a modifier, for example to produce the symbol ɛ you would type e followed by <. It seems that Keyman inserts a backspace to delete the original character and then replaces it with the modified one.

However, in Dorico, doing this results in eɛ. Keyman works flawlessly everywhere else in MacOS. Every dialog including popover dialogs are affected. I’d be curious if this is the same in Windows.

I must be going blind, but I can’t see any evidence on that page that Keyman is available for macOS: it appears to be Windows only. I guess you have already tried and failed to get this procedure working?

Daniel, see

Thanks for the suggestion. I had had this input keyboard installed at some point. It does work properly with Dorico, thankfully; looks like I’ll have to switch to it in the mean time. It hasn’t been been updated since 2013 so I hope it doesn’t break!