Keys for Customize Commands...

It seems some keys don’t seem to play-well with Customize Commands and modifier keys. For example, the tab key (alone) works, but is ‘hardwired’ to move the cursor between channels (useless to me!). So I’m trying to use ctrl+tab. But trying to assign that key combo doesn’t work (doesn’t show any keys pressed at all). Is this something with my system, Mac OS 10.10.5, or Wavelab 8.0.5?

I do hope the wonderfully powerful-- but very frustrating-- Customize Commands system in WL is sorted-out in a near-future release. The fact that there are dialogs spread across several different windows-- But the scope of the commands is not limited to those windows-- seems illogical to me. I’m not sure why some shortcuts have to be ‘hardwired’, which I’ve found to be kind of a pain. If those ‘hardwired’ shortcuts are documented somewhere, I’ve missed it; and they need to be. I’m not the first to mention these things.

Many thanks,