Keyscape patches not being recognized

I use Keyscapes as one of my virtual instruments. When I first installed as a VST Instrument into Nuendo, many months ago, it worked flawlessly. But, then Keyscapes offered an update, in which I decided to do, but since I updated the plug-in itself, Nuendo still loads the VST Instrument but throws an error when trying to access some of the patches (not all) stating that there is a “new version” available and it “may not” load properly. (And then, of course, the patch I’m trying to access will not play) Yet, when I close Nuendo and go to the Updated Version via desktop shortcut, to access to the ‘direct’ Keyscapes program, everything works fine and all the updated patches are accessible. Any help out there?

probably best direct this to Keyscape support ?

Might be just worth checking exactly which version Nuendo is actually loading - maybe it’s using an older one that the recent update installer didn’t update.

If you look at the details in the plugin manager, including file location, type (vst2/vst3), version number. That might give you some idea of what is actually going wrong.

Thank you for the help. I found out that the Update was actually a “full install” and auto-located to a different path. After finding the path, I went to plug in manager and found the old .dll and deleted it and then went to that location and pasted the new “.dll” AND all is good now. Thanks again.

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that’s great - thanks for reporting back