keyscape plugin velocity issues

Hi folks. Do any of you use keyscape as a plugin in cubase 10.5? Whenever I use it as a plugin I get distortion when I hit the keys harder to play louder. This happens even when I have all faders turned way down so you can barely hear it…still distorts at high velocity. I tried increasing the buffer size but no dice. The cpu usage is fine.

In standalone mode it doesn’t happen, and as a plugin in reaper it doesn’t happen. Only as a cubase plugin does it distort. What do I need to look at in cubase to fix this?

if it distorts at high velocity wouldn’t that suggest too loud input? why would you increase buffer size?

The buffer size adjustment was just to rule out possible cpu issues. Maybe I’m overlooking something simple. I’m still learning all this.

I figured it out. In keyscape itself some of the default settings need to be adjusted. For instance, on the first acoustic piano (LA custom C7 grand) the tape setting in the comp section has a default gain level that’s too high. I turned the gain down and voila! No more distortion.

Ok well scratch that. I tried some of the other presets in keyscape and the distortion is pretty rotten no matter how I manipulate the knobs or levels and effects. I guess keyscape and cubase don’t get along well with each other. That really sucks.

Keyscape and Cubase get along just fine :slight_smile:. I would guess you have something else in your signal chain. Or maybe an issue with Cubase audio output.

Ok I’m still trying to learn all this. I dabbled in this stuff a few years ago but am just now getting serious about it. I am discovering that leaving all the cubase mixer faders in their default -0- position is the wrong thing to do. Fiddled around with everything and all good now.


After communicating with a yamaha tech, I was able to actually find and solve the underlying issue, which was a keyboard control setting on the montage 8. Once that was taken care of I don’t have to use the faders as a bandaid. So this all ended up being a keyboard controller issue and not a cubase issue. My apologies for this thread.

No problem. I use Cubase as my primary DAW, so I would have noticed if there were any compatibility problems while I was developing Keyscape :slight_smile:.