keyscape with cubase, latency ideas?


cb is struggling with this awesome plugin on my pc, any ideas apprechiated

i have 2 ways to adjust latency with my PC (specs in signature) - first in cubase and 2nd with my soundcards mixer console. i use the constrain delay button in cubase when recording, and play around with basic settings to max recording via midi (midi to usb cable going into usb 3 port on pc from a yamaha p95 stage piano) but still getting drop outs a fair bit on both record and sometimes playback, and it cant hack 2 instances at all. i take steps like thinning (a function inside the plugin) and fx off etc. buffer size on soundcards mixer console (my main audio driver) is 512 usually (seems to work best) and then the best settings in the vst audio system (shows 22 mil secs latency, not bad), but any fast hardcore playing, it just hates it. im running keyscape with omnisphere 2 as a vst in cubase pro 9. just wondering if anyone else has a similar setup and how they get round these problems, or if i need better specs on pc, on the website it says im fine specs wise listing almost half what I have. ps: i run only cubase, everything else switched off on the pc, and its windows 10 latest update. cheers!

I use Omnisphere 2 and Keyscape myself and although I can see the average load on the performance meter increase rapidly with each instance of Keyscape I add, it’s still playable with 4/5 Yamaha instances without dropouts. Depending on other instruments also of course. But if I add a few BFD 3 instances to it I will run into trouble also. There’s always the freeze option but seeing you have 128GB of RAM you might want to try to load all or most of your samples directly into memory. Look in Omnisphere in ‘SYSTEM >> Memory Management’ and set it to ‘No limit on Sample Memory’. And set ‘SYSTEM >> Streaming’ to ‘Not Streamed’. It will take longer for your samples to load but it might do the trick on your system to be able to run more instances without dropouts. A faster CPU with more cores will give you more performance but it comes with a pretty steep price tag also. I’m thinking about replacing my system with a new X299 / I7-7820X or I9-7900X processor after more than 4 years with the I7-4770K myself…

cheers dude didn’t think about trying not streamed option will give it a go now. yeah, new pc updates next year i hope, seems like processors have advanced a fair bit in the last 2 years threes a fair few options now. cheers