KeyStation Mini 32 Not working

Hi guys,

I apologise for posting a topic that seems to have been endlessly discussed before, but I’ve been sat here for hours desperately trying to get this work, and using other people’s fixes and suggestions don’t seem to work for me.

I’m going to try to be super brief and cover all the angles that other people have requested from similar posts.

I plugged the Keystation mini in before Cubase Elements 8 runs

In Cubase, “MIDI In Activity” recognises that I am pressing the keys.

In Device setup, MIDI port setup, the device is active… Device: Windows MIDI, I/O In, Port Name: Keystation Mini 32…visible active and in “all MIDI inputes” group

I followed a tutorial on Youtube that said to add Halion onto the rack from vst instruments.

I select said track and say “all midi inputs” in the inspector part of the screen on the left.
I select Halion Sonic SE underneath this as what i assume is the “output” or … instrument that it will go through

Its set to channel 1 which is what the halion instrument is set to…

Nothing happens.

My MIDI device manager doesnt have anything listed in it, but I can’t make sense of it so not sure if I’m to add my keyboard though its already being recognised by Cubase.

I’ve attempted to send reset message to all devices in the hope it would kick it into life…and it hasnt.

(In preferences) I read a lot of people had problems with “midi filter” not selecting a channel… there are 16 channels and 127 controllers and tick boxes that I don’t quite know what mean… but someone said that this is where the problem might lie. I was hoping “Controller” meant my keyboard but i cant see it there.

I’m sure i’ve perhaps missed out other things that I’ve tried… but I’ve been up all night without sleep and am just exhausted. Sorry if the solution is easy to hand… i promise i’ve tried to find it here on the forums and haven’t as of yet.

Please someone help… i’m going spare

Hi and welcome,

Is Record enabled on the MIDI track (red button)? Or Monitor? Can you see incoming signal on the MIDI track? Is it the same with Instrument track?

Are you on Mac or on Windows?

Record is enabled.

Windows 7 64 bit is my OS

I can see the incoming signal… Cubase recognises i’m pressing a key on the toolbar

Instrument (audio in I assume you mean) works absolutely fine.

Sorry just to clarify… I can’t see any motion on the midi track on the left hand list…where the record symbol is etc.