Keystep Pro Midi Input Problems

Hi folks.

Newbie to the furum game here… Although I’m a long time Cubase user. :wink:

I’ve recently got the Arturia Keystep Pro which outputs its sequencers/arpeggios/drums on 4 seperate MIDI channels. I’ve tried setting up 4 tracks in Cubase with Drums (ch10) & 3 keyboard instruments (ch 2 to 4). I cannot get Cubase to seperate these 4 channels. It’s receiving on OMNI on all channels. I’ve tried this via USB, via the MIDI input on my interface and via my TAPCO 4x4 USB MIDI Hub… No joy :frowning:

I don’t have this isssue when connecting to Ableton Live or Reason. Also MIDI OX clearly shows the KS Pro outputting on the channels I’ve set.

I’ve spent the last couple of hours scratching my head head and I’ve found no solution…

Anybody got any ideas?

Try the input transformer. Here’s a vid of a guy setting up the Beatstep Pro…