Keystroke to respell a flat or sharp enharmonically?

I’m sure I must have passed right over it; since it is a basic workflow tool, but I was unable to find the answer online, or via a search of the Dorico manual PDF using terms like “enharmonic” “accidental” or “respell”.

Looking for a keystroke to change selected note(s) enharmonically after entry. I can see several ways to do this in a few steps, but I’m just looking for a one step respell note function if such a thing exists.

Thanks in advance.

Alt-minus and Alt-plus (actually the “-” and “=” keys on the main keyboard WITHOUHT the shift key for “plus”) work for me.

A good way to find these yourself is the Edit menu > Preferences > Key commands. Start typing “respell” in the Search box and you are there…

I asked for it the other day, it does not exist.

OK, thanks, Rob! That’s just what I needed. I knew there had to be a simple solution.