Keyswitches and MIDI channel changes for Spitfire Symphonic Strings

Here are a couple of issues I am encountering (I am using the Spitfire Symphonic with the Keyswitches).

The plugin is simple, is just KEYSWITCHES.

I just inputted in the parameters as ABSOLUTE CHANNEL (as is on Channel 2 on KONTAKT) and the Keyswitch after

The result is random (at least to my knowledge): sometimes it works, sometimes it it triggers 3 / 2 key switches at the same time (which I cannot even do on Cubase). I am wondering what I a, doing wrong as I made countless Expression maps in Cubase, but here I am lost. I crosschecked with the Expression Map provided for the BBCSO (which I have) and there doesn’t seem to be anything different.

I also cannot find in the techniques available “Con Sordino” (however it is available in the BBSCO Key Switch).

Thanks in advance for your help!