keyswitches not reacting in HalionSe vst Symphonic

I loaded Halion Sonic SE with the symphonic soundset
On midi track 1 and 2 i assigned 2 symphonic sounds and routed this to a audiochannel for each midi track

I choose soundslot in Halion Se and use the controller keyboard, but i cannnot control the articulations
I like to see that the sound is set for a legato sound, but it goes all the time back to a thrill sound when i use the controller keyboard.

In the keyeditoer i can add a articulation lane for the legato, but i like to hear in real time all articulations

Yes , it works again finally with the midi controller it is possible to choose the keyswitches in Halion Sonic Se for the symphonic sounds…it is reacting on the keys ( as aspected )
It is difficult to work with the midicontroller keyboard…it has only 2 octave keys
Oh! …i discovered just rigt now that i can chance the order of the articulations in the Expression Map Setup
Strange thing is the order of articulations in the Halion SE and in the Expression Map Editor…they are not the same !

The black keys on Halion SE for keyswitching are used for a performance style and the white keys for ornaments/dynamics… in the case for the Violincelli A Combi sound (has 11 articulations: 3 ornaments, 1 length, 3 techniques and 4 dynamics).
There are four types of articulations involved

  • Length
  • dynamics
  • ornaments
  • techniques
    BUT to work with the Expressionmap editor you must chance the order of articulations and make this the same as in the Halion Se, than you can see this for live recording ( if you like this?)
    The common workflow is the record a note line without articulations/dynamics and add afterwards the articulations/dynamics in the keyeditor.

Is there a another workflow ? and i like to hear some example scoring with the expression map, but ?

I usually decide on the articulations I want to use first and then set up a track with those articulation
changes already in place.
I do this before I record the new part.
That way the changes happen without me having to trigger or think about them.
I just record the performance right into the existing track with the articulations, then use the glue tool to consolidate them.

Sometimes the articulations DO get stuck though. I hate that and wish I knew how to avoid it.
It seems that when editing in the key editor, you have to pay attention to the acoustic feedback button.
If it is on, I seem to get more stuck articulations, which makes sense. Just selecting one will trigger it and that is usually when it gets stuck. So I am constantly switching the acoustic feedback on and off. Off when I am working on the Articulations and On when dealing with notes.

Sure wish there was a key command for the acoustic feedback on/off.

You can actually see the stuck key on the HSSE keyboard display.
If you click it, it will release.
Sometimes I have to reload a program to get the key switches to react properly,
sometimes just reloading the expression map will fix it.
When inspiration strikes, it sucks if your articulations aren’t behaving.