Kick Drum and Bass Syncronization

I have Cubase 6. How do I get the bass and kick drum to line up and sound good?

Currently, I simply create a drum track with the kick drum in it. Then, I take the midi file and drag it to a midi track for bass (I am using Spectrasonics Trilian for a midi bass plugin). If you don’t know about Trilian, it is a pretty amazing midi instrument plugin. You can have numerous types of bass sounds, including hard rock bass, synths, and a bunch of other stuff.

Anyway, when I drag it over, the bass is VERY staccatto (I think I am using the Hard Rock sample, which sounds alot like an Ampeg head). When I lower the velocity of the midi note, it seems smoother but it is still not great. When I lengthen the notes (e.g. quarter, eighth, etc) then it sounds even better, but I am concerned that I won’t be synced with my kick. So, I have two main questions:
1.) Is the velocity and/or the duration of the notes the problem with the staccatto sound?
2.) Is there an optimal length of note to set the kick drum hits (e.g. eighth, quarter, etc) so that I can simply drag those over to the bass drum track and limit my editing?

Bonus Question #3 - Am I just an idiot and is there an easier or better way I should go about doing this?

The staccato sound is either due to short note length or the bass patch in Trilian.

What are you actually trying to achieve?

I am using a patch in Trilian that is a Hard Rock, Slapped Bass. In the low register notes, the bass string sounds very loose and floppy. It sounds a lot like Fieldy’s bass from Korn. I would like it to be tighter and not such a treble spike on it. I suppose I could adjust the EQ and adjust the compression, but I’m not sure how to do it correctly. The bass is tuned to Bb standard. I have tried other patches including picked and fingered, but I am still getting that ‘hard attack’, short and ‘spikey’ sound.

If I lenghten the notes of the bass, will it still sound ‘tight’ as long as the bass and kick notes hit at the same time (and the bass note would just be a little longer? Or, do I need to adjust the velocity of the bass note hit so it isn’t so harsh? The kick drum hits have a velocity of around 85-100 right now.

I guess I would really like to see an example project in Cubase that would show the bass and midi tracks side by side that sound good. Then, I would be able to go in it and see how it was done. Is there anything out there that I can see for an example? I would like to have the bass sound like Nirvana’s with the pick attack pretty smooth, but want sections that I can do slaps and finger picking.

Sounds like you’re not too experienced at this. A better forum for you would be the sound on sound one where general questions about sound can be answered by many and at all levels of expertise.
The answers here mainly address Cubase itself and the way it works from an engineering, rather than a musical viewpoint.
Keep looking here though because some posters can be surprisingly handy about questions like this on some days. Someone might know exactly what you want. But what you don’t want is a half-week of vague attempts to help.

Sounds like Trillian (like many synths) is responding to variable filters and envelope settings that react depending on velocity and/or note length, etc…

I have used Trilogy and it behaves this way. You should familiarize yourself with the way it responds and while you experiment with the filters.

Thanks! I have read the user manual that comes with Trilian, but it is quite extensive and somewhat confusing. Any idea if there are some tutorials out there for Trilian?

sounds like a request for a plugin :confused: