Kick VST?

Can anyone recommend a simple kick designer?

I’m after something synthetic to layer on my beats that has tweakable pitch, decay, sub etc, quick and easy like
Fruit Kick in FL studio. I’ve been using Synths for this but would like to simplify it.

Thanks in advance!

Nicky Romero Kick

They have sales from time to time

or Bazzism. I’ve not used any other.

Looks cool thanks mitchiemasha.

I’m trying Drumatic 3, could be a little more tweakable with Sub/Click but pretty strait forward.

Pluginboutique’s bigkick is excellent. they often flog it half price but it is only forty quid to begin with.

Yep that’s pretty much on the mark …cheers Peppi Pig haha

Currently £23 on BF deal

I don’t know if you would call it simple… but Vengeance Metrum is very simple to use and the creative juices starts to flow at the shear sight of all possibillities… Looking at the presets the general sound is very “hot” but it’s a fast tool to tweak your kicks to perfection

Ooups, forgot to add the link
Vengeance Metrum