Killed two CD-RW, Burning Issue?


I’m thinking about an upgrade to V8, so I installed the demo.

First try: Mastered a project as usual and burned my montage to a CD-RW
from Verbatim (8-12x), also as usual at 10x speed.
Unusual was, that WL8.02 stopped working during finalizing the CD. The drive lamp was off…
After extra 20min I killed the WL process, because I did not want to wait longer.
Erasing the CD-RW before burning was normal.
Now the drive (Pioneer DVR-109, PATA) was not accessible anymore even from
other applications nor windows itself.

Hmm :question:

Second try after rebooting may DAW. I switched power completely off to ensure it is really off!
Started WL8 with my montage again, took another used CD-RW, erased it from WL and burned the audio.
After while WL showed up an errror occured during burning. Unfortunately I could not remember that
message exactly. The drive was no more accessible as before. :astonished:

Rebooted again as before and tried a new CD-RW on my 2. drive (a SATA Lite-On) and
everything was ok. :question: :question: :question:

Was my drive defect? First I burned a common DATA-CD with a burning software. Worked!

Then I tried to burn another montage but now from WL7 on my DVR-109. And it did

But I did not try again burning a CD-RW from WL8… because only few are left…

Any idea? Any changes on the burning driver from WL7 to 8? Or do I need a new drive?

Regards, Mike

WIN7-64, WL8 (32), latest WL7 (32). ASUS P5WDH Deluxe Q6600 8GB RAM.
Info: WL7_GEAR_Driver_Installer_x86_x64_4.020.5.exe installed some time ago with WL7.

At least I took a look at those discs and now I understand why the french people call a CD-writer a
Front of No. 2 I could not attach… but looks the same. Something happened with the laser…

Today I burned many CD-Rs using that DVR-109 drive with 100% success. Some of the
discs I made a quality check using nero discspeed after burning. Very good quality all
have 99%.

I have no idea what happened to the Verbatim CD-RWs… :question:
Anybody else? It’s strange, really.

Front view of 2nd CD-RW added: