Killing Cubase.exe 32bit on 64bit windows

I hate it when Cubase crashes and I have to reboot the whole machine for a new start. THere is no way for me getting the Cubase.exe out of the memory :frowning:

I have a MOTU Midi interface and a RME RayDAT + UADs which all might leave a hardware ressource being “in use”.

Anyway, is there a tool outhere that still would be able to kill hardware connected processes? Ive tried so many, nothing helps.


I have found that windows will eventually kill the process. It can take three or four minutes though. Restarting may be faster but I find that even shutting down can take several minutes because (I think) Windows is waiting for the process to end. Have you tried just restarting Cubase with the old Cubase process still running? I have done this a lot of times and as long as the ASIO driver was released, I have been able to continue using Cubase with no problems. Then, after I am done, I sometimes check the task manager and see that the old Cubase process did eventually end.


thanks for the reply. yes, I#m doing the same sometimes. but it just doenst feel right. (memory usage etc.)

So, one issue to live with!