killing services on w7

So, I tried some tuning tips on w7 64bits in order to run cubase6,with more power and ram.
Because sometimes I need network stuff in order to update w7, authorize some softwares, check mails and whatever… but when I run cubase, I don’t need all that stuff which takes about 1.2 Go of ram.

First, I used a program named “smart v2” with some options of tuning services, nice but not really what I expected.
So, I wrote 2 .bat files, 1st one called “stop.bat” and 2nd called “start.bat”
stop.bat is the same listing services than start.bat,
stop.bat uses “net stop” command
start.bat uses “net start” command
For example, the stop.bat is like that:

@echo off
net stop spooler (printing service)
net stop browser (computer explorer)
net stop wscsvc (security center)
net stop httpfilter (ssl)
net stop wuauserv (windows update)
net stop xxxxxx (what U want)
net stop “service_name” (other correct syntax with the quotes)

With many tests (and some crashes or inconvenients) W7 64bits runs like a charm using 680 Mo of ram instead of 1.2 Go… fine. I can do better I think :smiley:

But in my 2 files, I don’t find how to specify to kill both services which have one or more dependencies…
I need to find a command to kill these services with a “silent mode” (like a W7 installation for example)

Anybody have some luminary idea about that ???

Best friendly regards


you don’t need to bother killing anything if you’re running windows 7 x64 and you’ve plenty of ram,which costs nothing these days.

Honestly the days of ‘optimising’ for audio are long gone. I used to strip my XP DAW down to nothing but essentials but since windows 7 x64 it makes NO DIFFERENCE to your DAW performance.