Kilohearts Multipass - multiple outputs possible in C10?

I bought the Multipass VST from Kilohearts; it offers the option of multiple outputs. The feature is explained here: (pretty much at the end): “While Multipass is a regular effect, it does in fact have 5 additional stereo outputs. Usually these are left silent, but in DAWs that support it Multipass can route the separate frequency bands to these additional AUX outputs. At the bottom of Multipass there is a button which can be toggled between three states: MAIN, MAIN + AUX and AUX ONLY. These three modes determine where to send the output of Multipass: To only the main output, to both main and AUX, or to AUX only respectively. Refer to the manual of your DAW to see how to set up multiple output routing, if possible.” I tried but failed miserably :slight_smile:

This is an effect VST, not an instrument (I know how multiple outputs work with Groove Agent etc.). It seems possible to use the multi outs in other DAWs - the snakeoil guy showed it in his review video but on another DAW (at 8:12 here: ).

Of course I contacted Kilohearts about this who don’t have a Cubase power user in their team but asked a beta-tester who works with Cubase - here’s the answer:

"Hi, I just got a reply from our tester:

“… unfortunately I don’t think there is any way to set up the outputs from Multipass. With Cubase, any insert is treated as though it’s going to the output of the track so there isn’t a way to split off the outputs of an insert at least that I’m aware of the way you would in say Ableton or Bitwig.”

So unfortunately it looks as though Cubase is simply missing this feature. I think reaching out to Steinberg might be the best way forward - at least so they’re aware this is something their users want. Should you find out that this is possible after all, would you mind sharing it with me so I know better next time?"

So probably someone on this forum has the answer (if it is possible at all in Cubase) - please let me know!


What would happen, if you would use multi-channel track? Like 6.0 to get 3 stereo outputs for example?

thanks for the suggestion! But still you can only have two outputs at the same time. You can have all kinds of combinations as long as they are neighbouring outputs (L/R, R/Ls, Ls/Rs, Rs/Lss and Lss/Rss) but not three pairs of stereo outputs. I have to admit that I’m not familiar with these 6.0 tracks so maybe I’m doing something wrong or have to change something in the preferences, but when I go to “create track” (or whatever the english expression in Cubase is - I have a German version which has “Projekt - Spur hinzufügen”), choose audio and 6.0 Music and then go to the routing editor I’m stuck with 2 outputs.
Multipass - Routing Editor with 6.0 Music track.jpg


What about this…

  • Add 6.0 track, put the Insert here.
  • Add 3 Group Channels of 6.0 Configurations.
  • Via Send (or Direct Output) route the original Audio track to all 3 Group channels.
  • Add Mix6to2 insert to every single of the Group.
  • At every single Mix6to2 Insert set other source (L-R, Ls, Rs, Sl, Sr) to the output.

Doe sit work this way?

Hi Martin.Jirsak,

sorry that my reply took so long - yesterday I was busy with a project for a client.

Unfortunately your suggestion didn’t work out … Thanks anyway!


Which part exactly didn’t work, please?


I followed your instructions and there was no sound on any of the three groups. Multipass was set to “Aux only” so there should have been a signal on each of them.