Kind of confused but not about Cubas Artist 7

Hi I just bought Cubase Artist 7 in Canada and looks good so far I have an experienced musician that uses music sequencers and he said it looks impressive. I am just starting to read the tutorials and have local support from my friends an experienced guitarist, base guitarist and my friend that has sequencer experience and also has a drum machine and full keyboard.

I am planning on doing Dubstep music and Dance music and was inspired by the dubstep vibes coming off my sound system, I could feel the music. My confusion is what do I really need as there are home versions and full versions of Haleon etc, There are dance sample packages etc.

I am on a dissability so Cubase was a fairly big investment and only want to do it as a hobby for right now as I learn. Got sick of video games lol. I need to know what I really need to do Dubstep and dance like music, also interested in Jungle Rock but not a priority.

Thanks in advance.

Cubase 7 comes with plenty of stuff to get you started in most genres, Dubstep included. Use Groove Agent ONE for your drums, it includes many samples (And I think also midi patterns, but I never use them). Use Prologue or Retrologue for your synths, both can do nice basslines, as well as pads and leads. Halion Sonic SE also has many good samples for all kinds of genres.
For vocals you’ll obviously need a microphone with a preamp.

Best idea is really to just explore what’s already included in Cubase and then go from there, expanding with third party plugins once you know what you want and need. Cubase Artist is quite a complete package though, so don’t let people talk you into buying stuff right away :wink: