Kinetic scrolling

A quick question: Is kinetic scrolling on the iPad currently behaving as intended?

For me, it feels kind of weird. Or at least, it is counter-intuitive. The most notable effect is that a single low-speed flick of my finger in Write mode sends the page flying off horizontally at high speed for a very long time. Stabbing my finger down to try and stop it sometimes works, and sometime reverses the direction of flight, somewhat unpredictably.

Without some careful analysis, it’s hard to put my finger on (pun intended) exactly how kinetic scrolling feels to me like it SHOULD work. But as a random experiment, I opened a large image in my browser, zoomed in a bit and then tried scrolling around with my finger, and it felt much more natural there. The distance and speed of movement corresponds to the flicking motion in some intuitive way.

The fact that there aren’t any other queries about this here makes me think that something is set up wrong on my device. Can anyone help?

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I’m sure there’s nothing set up incorrectly on your device. We’re using the standard settings for kinetic/inertial scrolling that are implemented by the Qt developers to try to mimic each platform as closely as possible. There aren’t any settings you can change.

One technical detail that we plan to address in future is that at the moment there are two scrolling mechanisms in play, and I get the impression that sometimes they can disagree with each other. We have some medium-term plans to completely rework the way the score itself is drawn (so that we can take advantage of hardware graphics acceleration), and when we do that, we’ll be able to rework this whole area – but that’s not something that will be happening in the Dorico 4.x timescale.


OK, thanks for the response, and interesting tidbit about future plans. I’m sure it’s something I can get the hang of in the meantime.

I never got to try dorico iPad without kinetic scrolling. Would an option to disable it be something we could look forward to as well? I experience similar issues to the person above. It can be a little frustrating.

Really love the rest of the app so far though.

I’m finding the scrolling a bit dizzying too.