Kits that were upgraded don't show up

Hi there,

None of my kits that were Upgraded to Steinberg Licensing show up even though they are listed in the Library Manager and the sound files are in the same directory as those that still use the USB e-licenser.


After you transfer to Steinberg Licensing, you have to activate the products on your machine in Activation Manager. Each product should look like this, for example:
The kits related to that product should then show up in Groove Agent – and make sure you’ve also applied any updates available for Groove Agent.

Oh no. I think everything is back on the dongle.

I don’t know but I just removed all the other ones that were there except the stock ones.

They do show activated but now under my products I get this.

The electric bass shows up in Halion. I do have my dongle in a USB port. And I’m not using that MacBook either.

OMG I feel so totally screwed… lol

Please make sure that Groove Agent (SE) 5 is updated to the latest version. Old versions of the plug-in don’t support Steinberg Licensing and wont see your libraries.

SE 5.20.213

The standalone is 3.3, and Groove Agent is 5.1.2

I did a reinstall of SE and all the kits showed up and I don’t have to use the dongle.