Klarna Payment

Does Steinberg take Klarna for financing?
3 x payment option

I’m trying to buy a product but I keep getting error when I try to confirm payment

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That is something you probably need to ask the Steinberg Online Shop support

There you can find phone numbers to talk to support folks

Somehow nobody is answering the phone.
Calling from UK

Steinberg ???

You know this is a user forum, do you?

May be someone see it and reply my question.

Never mind. Thanks

I am as you interested in Steinberg allowing 3x or 4x at no cost buying on its own store, as did Arturia or Native Instruments. It is far easier to plan the buy of sofware.

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I want to inform that FAstSpring does accept Klarna as a new form of payment. I just completed a payment using the Klarna One-time card service to complete my purchase of Steinberg software. Happy days ahead.

Thank you