Knobs Missing in VST Dynamics Plugin

I recently updated to cubase 10.5 and noticed that the VST Dynamics plug-in does not have either a threshold or a ratio adjustment knob. I can only adjust the threshold and ratio by way of the generic plug-in interface. I have been using cubase for a few years and I’ve never had this problem.

When I open a copy of cubase 10 .0 the ratio and threshold knobs are there.

Is anyone else experiencing this glitch?

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hi! I had the same problem and was scratching my head for days. In the upper right corner of the compressor display, there is a little down arrow. Click on it and it allows you to select a different view (I forgot what they call the view but it will be obvious) with ratio, etc. In that view, everything is a long flat column. I totally hate it. I really would prefer the older version of VST Dynamics-- simple and easy to operate. Are you listening, Steinberg? Is there a way for us to use the older version? HTH :slight_smile:

I just started having this problem. I was having this exact discussion with my editor on August 7th, regarding the VST Dynamics plugin (although we were talking about Wavelab.) We decided that his threshold and ratio knobs were gone because he was on a Mac, me on PC (Not that THAT makes any sense.) Yesterday I opened the plugin and mine were gone. The only thing I changed recently was the software for my Focusrite interface. I doubt that’s the cause because he doesn’t even use a Focusrite. I am trying to attaching two pics, before and after, but it says they’re too big. You can imagine. Same plugin with a big space where those two knobs were. These are in the same program on the same computer.

screenshots please

as png would be smaller

The Same issue , I have 2 copy of Cubase 10.5 pro with last version and the 2 machines have this issue.
I suppose this is a bug !!

screenshots please… this is not a known bug

It’s a known issue and will be fixed with the upcoming update. If you want a picture:

Hey on a side note, and fiy, I’m still on 10.0.3 - the Portico Plugins crash when text entering parameters and clicking off the cue.

And this is a perfect example for off topic :wink:

lol sorry, I forgot I posted it here back in Febraury, but it didn’t receive reply.

Has there been any news on this? 10.5.2 came out in May 2020, if this issue is being addressed in the next update do we know when that update will be?

I’m concerned that with the launch of Cubase 11 that updating 10.5 may not be a priority…

Sure, the priority may be Cubase 11 but there will be another maintenance update for 10.5.x. It’s currently scheduled for the first quarter of 2021. I am sorry for the wait!

Hi Ed,
Ah ok, thanks for the clarity on this. It is a bit of a wait but I think I can deal with 1st quarter of 2021; just having a time-line in mind makes it a little easier to cope.


Hi @Ed_Doll ,

I hope you’re well.
I was just wondering if we’re still on track for an update to Cubase 10.5 in Q1 this year?


Yes, it’s scheduled for Q1 aka this month.

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I posted a note in that other thread. You can adjust threshold/ratio by dragging the two bright points in the response curve window.


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Cubase 10.5.30 has been released and this should be solved.