Known issues with My Steinberg support tickets?


as I am new to Steinberg Services possibly one of you guys might help me out here. I opened a support Ticket on my Steinberg nearly a month ago reagrding an issue with updating on Cubase 10.5 and still got no reaction to it. I really tried my best to search through the FAQs and forum before opening the ticket.

Did I miss something before opening the ticket?

Perhaps they just stopped answering tickets written in german?

What are your experiences with the support team?


Hi and welcome,

I don’t think they stopped to answering tickets written in German. I would expect they are quite overloaded after Cubase 10.5 release and around Christmas time. But I understand you.

Can user forum answer your question here? Is it a generic question or is it linked more with a specific license?

Just ask the question, it is highly likely someone may have had similar experience(s).

Merry Christmas… :slight_smile: and thx for your support in advance…

while updating from Cubase 10 to 10.5 I had some issues.

I wasn’t asked to choose the hard disk while using the update downloaded with the Steinberg Download assistant. Sadly the update just installed 10.5 on my C: drive and not on my D:\Music drive where I installed the 10.0. Do I have to take care of anything special when de-installing 10.0 without damaging my overall installation?

Is there any way to see the installed Versions of Steinberg Software on a system at a glance?


Steinberg doesn’t support to install its applications to other than system C drive.

Moreover Cubase 10.5 is other application (executable) than Cubase 10. You can have them installed side by side. Cubase 10 has (almost) nothing in common (from this technical point of view) with Cubase 10.5. Just some components are shared amount all Steinberg applications.

You can see all your installed application in Windows uninstall application.