Known plug-ins that crash Cubase 10.5 (Windows)

Welcome to the annual paid beta testing.

I think it’s useful to have a topic where people share their experience about what plug-ins that previously worked fine in Cubase 10 make Cubase 10.5 crash. I didn’t have the time yet to narrow down which plug-in causes Cubase 10.5 to crash many of my projects. I will have a deeper look at it this weekend.

However, I am sure some of you already have found some “culprits”. Please let us know below.

Please keep it clean and do not start to discuss or question my post. Just mention the plug-ins you know will crash and help everyone. Thank you for your cooperation.

Ploytech Aroma seems to cause a hang-on-exit pretty frequently here.

Any Softube plugins that aren’t the latest versions will cause a poof crash.

Softube Drawmer 2.4.83 (which is the latest) causes Cubase to crash at boot or when a project with it is loaded.

Softube seems to be problematic. The seems to have given up plugins. No updates for a year on plugins that does not work with cubase. Their support is of Stenberg class. Are they doing all in on their hardware?

My 10.5 crash experience: Altiverb, Lots but not all of Softube Plugins (no matter if VST3 or 2) Cubase just closes. unfortunately without blacklisting or error notification even with Asio Guard on.
32 bit plugins are all blacklisted and won’t work without bridge as far as I have seen.

Proteus VX crashes Cubase 10.5, though it works fine as a standalone. There are plenty of other similar or better plugins, so I’ve given up trying to use this.

The VST3 versions of all the Tokyo Dawn Labs plugins currently crash Cubase 10.5 if you: a) Use them as Direct Offline Processing; b) Switch “Always on Top” to “off” on their plugin windows. They are working on a fix.

(EDIT: They solved these issues on their latest maintenance update.)