Kodaly Hand Sign

Hi Everyone,

can anyone taught me how to make music with Hand Sign Notation, i have heard that SMUFL have these characters in it.


Indeed, SMuFL does include the Kodály hand signs, which you can find here.

You have a couple of options for how to include these in a Dorico project. One option would be to create playing techniques in Engrave > Playing Techniques using these symbols, and then add them to the music that way; another would be to add them as Shift+X text items (or Shift+Alt+X system text items if you want them to appear in every staff), setting the font style to ‘Music text’ for the characters you copy and paste from the above page.

thanks for helping me out Daniel, how to make the hand sign appear on top of the staff? i am a visual learner … i might need visual guidance :frowning: … thank you so much.

If you define your own playing technique using the Engrave > Playing Techniques dialog, you can then simply add it to whichever staff on which you want it to appear.

Thank you so much!! will get back here to show the result …

Thank you again Daniel, i have managed this far
is there any way for me to align the bottom staff to the right end ??

Layout Options > Note Spacing > justify final system (it’s the final option in that dialog).

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brilliant!! thank you pianoleo …