Komplete Audio 6

I bought Komplete Audio 6 and it came with Cubase 6 LE.
I made the switch from M-Audio M-Track Plus with Avid ProTools Express.
So far, I cannot use the Komplete hardware like I did with M-Track.
I cannot get any clear sound from the headphone jack. It is all distorted!
So I tried to plug my instrument in and I don’t get any sound.
Is it the hardware? Or the software?
I have been using both manuals and documentation.
I can get a sound from Cubase when I use default settings.
But when it comes to changing bus settings and inputs and outputs, I lose all sound from the Komplete Audio 6.
I am only one day into this new software/hardware, and I wanna get the ball rolling!

What operating system are you trying to run Cubase LE6 and the Komplete Audio Interface on?

To find this information on Mac go to the Apple Icon in the top left and scroll down to “About this Mac”. It will tell you what version of OSX 10.? you are running.

To find this information on PC, go to Start>Computer>Right Click and select Properties. This will tell you what version of Windows you are running.

Provide this information and I can give you more accurate instructions.