Komplete Kontrol / Akai Dial Mapping

I’ve searched everywhere for a simple answer … apologies if it has already been asked and answered on this forum … but here goes.

I cannot get the control knobs on my Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk2 to map to either track or vst quick controls. The MIDI activity on the MIDI Monitor plugin flashes when I move the dials (as it does on the floating transport bar), yet it won’t record any activity other than the keys.

The knobs/dials work with NKS instruments through the KK plugin, and I can use MIDI learn for other plugins such as those from Air (Hybrid etc) but MIDI learn just ignores me when I try it with Quick Controls, and Cubase native plugins.

Interestingly I can’t get Waves FX plugins to learn MIDI (H-Delay etc) either, even though they are NKS compatible.

I would have just passed this off as a quirk of Native Instruments kit, but I lately grabbed an Akai MPD218, and the same happens with the control knobs on there - flashing MIDI activity but no response to MIDI learn or anything recorded on the monitor plugin … other than the pads.

Any suggestions?

**** Edit : Further research concluded that CC123 is being filtered in MIDI preferences which blocks the MIDI messages from the dials/knobs. MIDI Monitor can now ‘see’ the activity, so hopefully I can get MIDI learn to work! ******

After my last edit I am still having problems with MIDI Learn. Any suggestions would be most appreciated …