Komplete Kontrol and Cubase 11

Hello everuone.
Just set this up yesterday. Two questions so far.

  1. I can’t seem to get it to save midi assignments. I followed the manual, opened the software, got to the edit page, changed the controllers for the template, they are there when I click our and back, but they never update to the Knobs row, and not to the keyboard. The manual says to make your new assignments and close the window and they will be saved to the template. Firstly, there is no X to close that window, it is blank (the first slot in the 3 top left) and I find no way to ‘upload’ this to the keyboard!

  2. I have it set up in cubase, it works as it should. How to I know and change what the 8 encoders control. Sofar they seem to be set to a random selection of tracks. I can not find any reason to the selection, nor a way to change it! Searched the web and find no answers.

Thanks for you help.

kk = Komplete Kontrol ?

You have to go into MIDI mode to be able to map it as a vanilla controller, if you’re in DAW mode then the KK mappings will be in effect controlling volume/pans etc. or Komplete Kontrol wrapper.

Thanks for the valuable advice, I’m starting to understand.