Komplete Kontrol and Maschine blacklisted. When reactivated Cubase does not start.

Hi all. I would really appreciate it if anyone has any advice on this as I’m up against a deadline and my system is unusable.

I updated Kontrol to version 2.0 and Maschine to the latest version through Native Access and Cubase blacklisted them.

If I try reactivating them it makes Cubase crash and subsequently it won’t start.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Kontrol and Maschine and the issue continues the same.

I’m on Sierra. Cubase 9.5. Latest versions of Komplete.

Is there anything else I should try short of a complete reinstall? (Ugh)


The latest version of Komplete Kontrol isn’t working well with Cubase for Mac. If you need to use it, please contact NI support and request the Komplete Control 1.9.3 installer:

If you need to start Cubase right now, uninstall Komplete Kontrol or remove it from your VST plugin folder.

I’m unaware of any issues with Maschine, but the same applies if you find that you’re still unable to start Cubase after getting rid of the Komplete Kontrol plugin.

Hi Romantique. I don’t know what “External Moderator” means but I assume you must be affiliated to Steinberg in some way.

Even though you are trying to help, your response is really unhelpful. Perhaps I did not explain myself.

I make my living producing music for commercial clients. Native Instruments plugins are probably the most used in my arsenal. Especially Kontrol and Maschine. The cornerstone of my studio is a S61 keyboard and controller and a Maschine Studio. To suggest that the only option is to uninstall them to be able to use Cubase is such an easy cop out that it must have taken you 15 seconds to type.

Just to give you an idea, I had 3 deadlines this week. One involving revisions on an existing project that uses both Kontrol and Maschine extensively.

Please, next time you try to help, put yourself in the shoes of your users. Especially those of us for whom this is not a hobby.


I’m not affiliated to Steinberg, and this forum isn’t Steinberg Support. Anyone trying to help you here is doing so during their free time, out of goodwill.
How about putting yourself in my shoes?

-I have no idea how much you know about computers. Many people have come here in the past complaining about Cubase issues, including some people claiming to have lost clients, when the solution was basically right under their nose.
-I don’t know how good you are at finding solutions on your own. My only clue would be an old post of yours asking a basic Mac question.
-I don’t know how essential these two plugins are to you.
-I don’t know how far into production you were.
-I don’t know if you were aware that you can request previous versions from NI support. Not everyone realizes this. That was my main suggestion, uninstalling was supposed to be a last resort.

Your post only specified 3 things: That Cubase wouldn’t start, that you had a deadline, and that you were looking for possible solutions to try. All I did was point out that you could request the previous version from NI, and mention that if you needed to use Cubase immediately, you would have to uninstall the plugins. Nobody else suggested anything. And you still felt the need to act like a jerk over nothing. Feel welcome.