Komplete Kontrol doesn't see plugins inside Cubase 10

I run Cubase 10 on Windows 10 and have a Komplete Kontrol S88MKII. Everything else works perfectly (I can load and play Kontakt and all other plugins inside Cubase, I can control and play all other plugins with the keyboard, and the controller itself can activate multiple features inside Cubase like Record, etc.)

However, when I am inside Cubase and I load the Komplete Kontrol software and attempt to load a plugin inside of it, it doesn’t work. In fact, it shows that no plugins can be found. This is totally different from running the standalone app - all the plugins are listed and it works perfectly in standalone mode.

Back inside Cubase, I click on EDIT/Preferences/Plugins/Manager. It’s blank. I click “rescan” and it actually does find all the plugins and goes through the motions of rescanning them all - and nothing changes.

Please help! I have seen YouTube videos of people running Komplete Kontrol inside Cubase and Logic without any issues. What gives? How do I fix this? I have checked pages in the Forum and can’t find a resolution. Thank you in advance for any support you can offer.