Komplete Kontrol integration cubase 12

I Recently bought mk2 komplete kontrol s49 mk2

Trying to get it to work with cubase pro 12 midi mode

Just like don sigalas video

But not getting any transport /mixer/ functions

Loading Kk software as plug-in works great. tried messing with the settings in cubase and wont let me choose komplete kontrol s series when adding device ,shows as an option but wont add so i can choose kk daw 1 ,

I tried reinstalling, unplugging hardware and checking all updates (native access)

Now kk controller works flawlessly in standalone & in Maschine software

Not sure if i have to remove any drivers tht might not make it work properly in cubase or wht

Any insight will be appreciated

Kk Firmware 0.5.9

Kk software 2.7.2

Windows 10

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I am not an expert, but Don Sigalas doesn’t use the MIDI Remote mode. Check this NI on YouTube
Using KOMPLETE KONTROL with Cubase | Native Instruments - YouTube for Cubase 11. But there is no script yet for MIDI Remote in Cubase 12.