Komplete Kontrol midi templates and cubase

I just owned a Komplete S88 MkII recently. Incredible keyboard but…

I would like to have light guides for non nks instruments. For example → Sine Player or Expression maps

To do so I heared about the creation of a midi template on KK.

I created a midi template in KK for a specific instrument with the specific key range and the keyswitch. So I have it on KK and it works fine.

In Cubase, I created a track with the instrument and chose the midi template for that track. Until there it’s ok !

But when I switch to another track it keeps the same midi template. So at this moment I can’t use more than 1 midi template for a complete session which is particulary anoying as I’m used to work with a very big session.

I’m sure I could save a kind of preset thing that allows me to change a specific midi template for every track.

So at the moment I can only use a midi template for my entire session without taking any specificities of every track…

I don’t know if that could be a question for Cubase users of NI KK users… But if someone could help many thanks to you.


I wanted the same thing as you, but ran into the same issue. There’s no workaround.

Post back, btw, when you run into the issue where the Komplete Kontrol keyboard looses connection with Komplete Kontrol instruments after opening your 2nd or 3rd session of the day :slight_smile: Restarting Cubase fixes that, but it sure sucks.

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Related thread in NI forum:

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Thanks Nico5 for this link. But anyway still the same problem : I can create as many midi template I want and that could be pretty cool. But when I switch between my instruments in Cubase I loose the last midi template so I guess i can work with only one midi template… I’m sure there can be a solution.
For example if I have 2 instruments with a different midi template, I configure the 1st with my first Midi template and the 2nd with the 2nd midi template. When I come back to my first instrument the midi template keeps to the 2nd and the only way I found is to change the midi template each time I switch to an instrument… Which is not a solution…
I think we can find a solution to record a configuration for a track or an instrument but I don’t know yet… Any lights welcome !