Komplete Kontrol S-Series MK2 Custom Script

Thanks - yes, that’s what I had also always assumed. I think there’s also another Steinberg SDK, for developing such extensions for Cubase. But I don’t think that SDK is easily available for ordinary people who don’t manufacture their own hardware. So there would seem to be an additional communication channel between Cubase and the outside world, that’s simply not available to us. :frowning_face:

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Ah, the sdk, yes :slight_smile:
Not sure if most of us would benefit from using it instead of the new api. I think that the api is the goto in the future. It certainly needs some (not much really in terms of functionality) additional work, but hey, we’re just on version 1.0, aren’t we? :slight_smile:

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I share your hope for the new API. The fear for some of us longtime users remains that it will be left in similar unfinished state as some previous Cubase features (the Generic Remote prominently comes to mind). Steinberg has been puzzling to some of us long time users in what is strategic and what is a temporary priority. I don’t think Steinberg are the only company behaving that way, so I don’t really hold it against them. Every company (and human being - including me) muddles their way through shifting life realities as best as they can. But it also means, that as users we can’t necessarily count on future goodness. Sometimes version 1.0 is all there will ever be. :grimacing:

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It’s the first time I read about an api staying at 1.0, I hope you’re wrong :rofl:

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A word of CAUTION to all users of this script.
Last night, I’ve updated via Native Access the Komplete Kontrol VST. Upon updating, I’ve noticed that the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series.dll was restored to its original form (pretty logical). So, in case you update, you have to rename this one again, in order to not have conflicts with my script (since it re-adds the original NI’s implementation inside Cubase).

I meant to ask you, of you really have to rename it, or if you could simply remove it from the Cubase Studio setup environment?

Hi Nico, sure you can remove it, but I go for the “lazy” way of simply renaming it. I’m still using Cubase11 for some projects, and I still need the original integration there, with a BMT script I have for the CB11 :slight_smile:

Oh but now that I read more carefully your question, removing it from the setup won’t work! Upon restart of Cubase, the dll is recreating the integration!

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It’s like a Charles Dickens ghost, it comes back the following night! :slight_smile:


Hahaha, exactly :rofl: :rofl:
I was shocked earlier this morning to see my STOP button not responding! I thought, oh well, let’s see how many users will curse me :rofl: :rofl:
Thankfully, I remembered the late-night update!


I have a question: I often set up locators in Cubase so I can jump around in the sequencer window using the computer keyboard numeric keys. However, I often use plugins that have their own sequencer and is synced to Cubase. In this situation the plugin has focus and the computer keyboard cannot be used to jump to the locators. I’m thinking of using the KK eight buttons above the screens to work as locator jumps 1-8. Would it be better to set it up as a midi-remote or alter this custom script.? I assume the midi remote can work if I switch KK to midi mode, and if I switch back this script will work? Please let me know your thoughts (anybody). Thanks for this work.

Sure. You can create a midi remote with the other port of the KK and assign everything you need. In fact I do have a user remote too, for commands I didn’t implement in my script (mainly due to lack of more buttons/pads).

Now, whenever you press “DAW”, my script will work as expected, no worries.

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Hello Guys,

first of all, many respect for creating this scipt @m.c .

I installed the stripped down version.

Most is working, but i faced some problems, maybe anyone can give me adivice.

Have an S61 MK II.

There´s something wrong with the assignment of the buttons.

Loop is STOP, Metro is something with Tempo, so somethings is messed up there, is the script faulty or do i have another harwdare ?! That´s really bad, have no idea how to fix, and furthermore i can´t use this script.

Where ca i find the mapOfGeneralSettings.js file ? To install the FULL way.

Hi, what you describe means that NI’s dll is still active. You may have deleted (or renamed it) in the past, but whenever we update Komplete Kontrol (and there is a recent update actually you may have performed as most of us did) it comes back.

Please follow the below:

You really have to disable by renaming or moving to another
folder, the file C:\Program Files\Common
Files\Steinberg\Shared Components\KOMPLETE KONTROL SSeries.dll which includes the original Native Instrument’s
Cubase implementation, upon testing my script. Otherwise,
there will be crashes, conflicts, and erratic controller’s

Since you’re having other issues, I wouldn’t recommend to go to the “advanced” version for now. Let’s please solve the problems first. However, in order to find the file, you can go to Studio->MIDI Remote Manager, go to the Scripts tab and after selecting my script, click Open Script Folder (button next to the path of the script). You’ll find the mapOfGeneralSettings.js file there, but please be careful with its edit.

Not sure what you mean by this. The Tempo button is assigned to a custom function I’ve created for “tap tempo”, i.e. calculating the bpm and setting our project to it.

Metro button is used for turning on/off the metronome. However, there is an additional usage. If we click Metro and turn our jog wheel, we change the metronome’s click level.

Hi, thanks for your quick reply,

I renamed the DLL in appripiate folder, that i´m sure.
So i checked the 32bit folders, and there also was an KompleteControl DLL.
Renamed that, so it looks like this now:

It seems that it is workin as should, with now (only) one problem more.

If Page 1 (Mixer) is selected, the STOP Buttons not working. Instead it is toggling LOOP.

When i open the assignment panel, select Page Mixer and click that button, it shows LOOP Button,

When i change to another Page, and push the Stop buttin, it shows Stop Button and assignment is correct.

So only at Mixer page the STOP Buttons not working.

Because the Button Press doesn´t show up in Assignment, i can´t just reconfigure that Button.

I deletet the script and installed all new already, did restart. But problem keeps existing.

Any ideas on how to fis that?

Away from that, that is a hell of a work. I know what it means to build it that far. So my absolut respect for that work.

Most probably you had previously assigned it, when the script was having conflicts with the dll.
Unfortunately, deleting and reinstalling the script won’t help, because custom assignments (from the user) are stored in a separate file created by Cubase.

Here’s what to do:

→ Go to Studio->MIDI Remote Manager.

→ Move to the Scripts Tab and find the one for the Komplete Kontrol and deactivate it (Disable Controller Script)

→ Close Cubase

→ Now, open your Documents folder and navigate to Steinberg->Cubase->MIDI Remote-> User Settings

→ You will find a file with its name starting with Native Instruments_KompleteKontrolMK2Custom (and has a .json extension), here’s mine, but don’t worry if your file’s name is a bit different:

→ Delete this file

→ Re-open Cubase, go again to Studio->MIDI Remote Manager, and this time enable my script for the Komplete Kontrol.

→ Add the Komplete Kontrol again.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Great work.

Is there anyone who knows where to get the Midi Implantation Guide for the S61 or Maschine mk3. Especially How to program the Displays….


Hi, there’s no official documentation unfortunately.

You mean the MK2 or the new MK3?

or the original :slight_smile:

True :slight_smile: