Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2 sometimes allows me to navigate Cubase

Hello I’m getting silence on Native Instruments help Forum. I hope someone can help here?

I have recently purchased the above secondhand and have transferrd the licence arranged with the original owner. Everything works fine and have followed all the setup instructions. But it is hit and miss if I can navigate my DAW using the midi controls to move around cubase. If I restart windows maybe several times it will work.

Please can you suggest a solution as annoying to keep restarting windows. Already reinstalled Komplete software but still getting same issue. (all the settings are correct)

Not sure if this will help but in my experience these simple uninstall - reinstall procedures work in 90% of cases. If it does not (or you are that original poster and this was your question) that will at least remove the biggest possibility and help narrow the solution.

Thank you Samuel. I have tried this but unfortuntely has not worked. Here is my setup.

Just spotted something. After a reboot the midi manager needs to be clear to get this to work - see below.

So now that it is currently working how do I clear away the earlier midi devices when it shows up again (which I use with Maschine) Do I just hit reset and connect them back when I want?

No - please ignore the above as I have now opened another project which shows the first midi remote picture with the created midi mappings but I can still navigate. But would be helpful if someone much more knowledgeable than me if anyone has had this issue before. If the issue reoccur’s I’ll let you know. (does it makes any difference if midi remote shows any mappings if you are trying to navigate Cubase with Komplete Kontrol Keyboard?))

Still getting random problem again. Really annoying.

If I hit “Play” or “Rec” buttons on keyboard it plays notes so something is messed up.

Based upon the screenshots you posted I see you do have the Keyboard (S88) and a Machine.
The Keyboard (S88) transports should work because it is recognized and installed in Cubase as ‘Remote Device (Legacy)’.
Why is there a MIDI Remote entry (for that Machine?).
I suggest to first delete the MIDI remote device and see if the S88 behaves as expected.

Hi Fantom. Its a Midi remote used for Maschine to control Cubase that works fine.

This had nothing to do with it because I now have another incident without it but still won’t control Cubase .

Do I have to do something with the contoller editor from NI?

same thing - a reboot fixes it for a while. Then after closing Cubase and Opening same circle where remote midi to control Cubase breaks again. Its driving me nuts. So don’t know if it is something to do with Cubase or NI. Probably NI.

I had a similar issue with my recently acquired S88 mkII. I did the reinstall thing a couple times, making sure to use device manager >View Devices by Connection and deleted all NI entries before reinstalling (not sure if that is needed or not). I still had issues, but so far, if I make sure to always start the keyboard before starting Cubase, it has not had any issues. Fingers are still crossed…

For me, if Cubase does not see my gear, it seems to “forget about it” to some degree, so I take steps to always start my studio gear before Cubase. I built a small batch file that I use to launch Cubase, that prompts me to turn everything on and then hit a key before it will launch Cubase.

Please report any findings, and good luck.

Hello LarstradamusH - thanks for your helpful reply.

Yes you are right it does make a difference to start the keyboard first for better reliability. Unfortunately when you turn the keyboard off (because you want to take a break and save power) then turn back on you lose connection again to use keyboard to control Cubase.

I would be very interested to learn about your batch file as there may me some things I’m still not checking correctly. Yes I can see the drivers are always live but even when this happens the drivers are still open in the back ground and have not disconnected.

But why is this happening. If I reboot my computer with keyboard on, sometimes all the correct lights on the keyboard show and sometimes they don’t which will mean I won’t be able to use correctly on Cubase. On all occasions drivers are open in the background.

found the solution

needed to reload BMIDI_Driver_2.1.0.44

after downloading I have swtiched off the keyboard several times and everything turns on correctly on the keyboard. Hopes this helps other people.

Here is the batch file (text file with a .bat file extension) I use (Windows 10). It simply prompts me with a text message and pauses until I press a key. Then it launches Cubase. I replaced my Cubase shortcut with this because I kept forgetting to turn things on first.

@echo off
echo Put your message here
cd "C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 12"
start Cubase12.exe

Thank you LarstradamusH - I will give this a go.