Kontakt 4 Key Switching In Cubase 6???

I’m having ABSOLUTELY no luck with using Kontakt 4’s key switching in Cubase 6…

When I trigger key switching while playing something live it works fine, but when I’m inserting notes in the piano roll & playback what I’ve programmed, the key switches do not play back the right articulations.

Can anyone please tell me if something needs to be either enabled or disabled in order for it to work properly???


Strange. Playing back key switches works perfectly here with Kontakt 4 in Cubase 6. Sure you didn’t confuse octaves?

@ Stiller - Playing the key switches in real time is not a problem… Programming them is!!!

When I try to change the articulation of a specific note within the piano roll window it does not do allow me to do it on a per note basis… It actually applies the key switch to every note!!!

In Cubase 5 all is well & works fine, but in Cubase 6 not.

If anyone could PLEASE help ASAP it would be GREATLY appreciated… Thx!!!

You say…

  1. Playing the keyswitches live works.
  2. Inserting keyswitch notes in the Key Editor doesn’t work.
  3. What about recording what you play live, then playing it back? (I still share Stiller’s opinion that it might be an octave offset problem).

Got that. I just guessed, maybe you entered the key switch notes on the wrong octave.

Can you clarify this “per note basis”? A key switch will always be applied to every note that follows until another key switch appears, be it live or from playback. You should be able to put a key switch before each note and the articulation should change accordingly for this note.
Maybe it helps to drag the key switches a bit before the note, in order to make sure Kontakt 4 gets the signal early enought. However, if the same songs were fine in C5 and in C6 they don’t work, I have no idea.

Yes, when I play live playback is fine. It’s just inserting key-switch notes in the key editor… Baffling I tell you!!!

What I mean by per note basis, is that for instance, I’ll play a melodic line with a sampled trumpet using a legato articulation & afterwards go back & insert a key-switch with a crescendo articulation on one note & follow it with a key-switch staccato or fall articulation on the following note.

Are you 100% certain that the new keyswitch is in fact before the note start? (if it is exactly at the same time, it may not register)

EXCELLENT question vic_france!!! I might just be inserting it at the note start & if that’s the case how the HELL (lol…) do I insert it before the note start in the C6 key editor??? Thx!!!

Insert the keyswitch, then, in the Info Line, just advance its start by a couple of ticks.

DONE!!! All Is Working LOVELY now!!! Much appreciated… Thx bro!!!

Question, I’m considering moving from PC to Mac (one of the new IMAC’s) & was wondering how well C6 runs on a Mac & if there’s any difference in comparison to it running on a PC… Also, how well does C6 work with the MOTU interfaces… I’m considering the Ultra Light MK3 Hybrid if the sound quality is as good or better than my current interfaces (TC Konnekt 24D & M-Audio ProFire 610). Thx again!!!